Monda – The Reasons Why Foreigners Bought Property There

Monda is a medium sized village located 17km (a little over 10 miles) away from Marbella along the A355. This is a modern stretch of road which means that the journey from Monda to Marbella takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes.Historically, many expatriates bought property all along the coast ignoring the inland regions partly due to having a relatively poor infrastructure in terms of accessibility as well as to services and amenities. As property prices increased on the coast, many buyers not being able to afford the prices property commanded at the time, started looking inland as opposed to the on the coast; many property buyers were also in search of the “real Spain” as opposed to the expat bars springing up left right and centre. Gradually, demand grew and investment in infrastructure fuelled the search for inland properties. One of those towns/ villages which benefited considerably from this new market is Monda.The reason Monda is such a popular destination for foreigners searching for property is due to its typical Spanish town feel, friendly atmosphere, good infrastructure and relatively low cost as opposed to the coast.Many expatriates purchased property in Monda and in the immediate vicinity such as the Alpujatas which is a natural area on the outskirts of Monda intersected by the A355. Property prices attracted many buyers as well as at the time being able to source planning permission to build detached villas with swimming pools. Those in search of becoming a part of the community settled to live in the town itself. As more people moved to Monda, the number of businesses grew, many of them being set up by expatriates such as bars, shops, mobile services and guest houses just to mention a few.There are numerous buildings of interest in Monda, one of them being the Castle which is perched high up on the hill above Monda and visible upon approaching the town. There are many different historical versions as to its origins and there is no precise date in which it was built. It has been destroyed on a number of occasions during the numerous wars it has witnessed over the centuries. A further building of interest is the Old School House in Monda. This property is situated in the centre of the town and is a property which most tourists visiting Monda stop and photograph. Partly due to its ornate fa├žade and for its historical significance in the village as a local School House which ran until the 1950’s. This property in Monda was bought by foreigners who restored it and converted it into a family home maintaining its traditional and original features.Even in recent times in which property sales have been in decline and prices have dropped throughout the Costa del Sol and inland areas, Monda still remains a popular destination for foreigners in search of “living the dream”.